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The world´s Product Placement professionals in Istanbul

PRODUCT PLACEMENT PROFESSIONALSProduct Placement professionals from Europe, the Hollywood industry and Turkey will meet at the Sheraton Maslak Hotel in Istanbul during the Second International Product Placement Symposium in January 17-18, 2014. 

Organized by Istanbul-based agency 3P Product Placement Production, the event will bring together leading agencies from the branded entertainment sector such as A-List Entertainment from Los Angeles, California, or LOCAVI and MaMedia from Germany. Representatives of various global brands such as PepsiCo USA and Mercedes-Benz will also share their views on product placement strategy, as well as leaders of the audiovisual content market such as DISCOP.

The first talks towards establishing the European Product Placement Association (EPPA) will also be held during the symposium, where the leading European agencies and parties will agree on the venture. “Our aim is to create an ideal pool of contacts and information that will serve as the meeting point for European and global brands, and production companies”, says M. Akif Ebiçlioğlu, co-founder of EPPA and CEO of 3P Product Placement Production. With more than 35 participants, the event will offer 5 workshops, 4 panels and presentations from the experts who secured brand placements in films such as The Matrix, A Good Day to Die Hard, Desperate Housewives and the Transformers Trilogy. 

The Second International Product Placement Symposium is expected to raise new discussions and fresh opportunities in the field of branded entertainment. For more information on the symposium’s program and tickets, please visit

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