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Nominees - Game Marketing Awards 2013

Game Marketing Awards 2013 Game Connection EuropeOn December the 3rd, the Game Connection Marketing Awards will be announced in Paris - for the 3rd time. The participants can choose between 8 categories.

The nominees are the follows:


  • Best Broadcast Campaign 
    Amplitude Studios - Dungeon of the Endless Teasing (Amplitude Studios) 
    Ayzenberg Group - Dying Light E3 Trailer (Warner Bros. Games) 
  • Best Digital Campaign 
    glispa GmbH - Global Launch of War Thunder (Gaijin Entertainment) 
    Ubisoft - Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (Ubisoft EMEA) 
    BETC - WEAREDATA website (Watch_Dogs) (Ubisoft EMEA) 
  • Best Experiential Campaign 
    iam8bit - 347th Annual Tamriel Beer Garden (Bethesda Softworks)
    iam8bit - "DuckTales Remastered" campaign (Capcom Entertainment)
    Ant Farm - ACTIVISION 2013 E3/GAMESCOM EVENTS (Activision) 
  • Best Mobile Campaign
    Amuzo - LEGO Hero Factory: Brain Attack (LEGO Company) 
    New Science Agency - Hitman: Mobile & Street Art Collide (Square Enix) 
    BETC - H_ide by Watch_Dogs (marketing mobile app) (Ubisoft EMEA) 
  • Best PR Campaign 
    Dead Good Media Ltd - Dead Island Riptide Zombie Wedding (Koch Media Ltd)
    NCSOFT West - Guild Wars 2 - Best PR Campaign (NCSOFT West) 
    Marchsreiter Communications GmbH - PR campaign for “Defiance” (Trion Worlds) 
  • Best Original Content 
    New Science Agency - Picture Perfect Phantasy (Ubisoft)
    NCSOFT - WildStar - DevSpeak and WS Flicks (Carbine Studios) 
    Ayzenberg Group - Injustice: Battle Arena (Warner Bros. Games) 
  • Best Social Media Campaign
    Strategy Nemesys Games - Pursued- Where Am I? (Nemesys Games)
    exosyphen studios - 10 years of exosyphen studios (exosyphen studios) 
    Ubisoft - Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Ubisoft EMEA) 
  • Best Overall Campaign 
    ichi worldwide - Defiance (Trion Worlds)
    Sid Lee - DEFY (Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag) (Ubisoft EMEA) 
    Namco Bandai Games - Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Namco Bandai Games)

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