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Mashable Media Summit - The future of Native Advertising

StumbleUpon - Native Advertising"All news are old news" - and for this reason we are not scared to talk about the one year old "Mashable Media Summit - The future of Native Advertising".  Teal Newland (VP of Brand Strategy, StumbleUpon) and Adam Ostrow (Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable) discuss the future of Native Advertising .

 5 information from the 12 min. video:

1. Definition of Native Advertising: " Advertising that is creative on the platform iti si running. Advertising that is not intrusive. Advertising that is rooted in content." 

2. If you buy native ads you pay for being part of the content. Buying display ads means paying for interrupting the content.

3. On StumbleUpon 5% of the content are paid ads.

4. Native Advertising performs best when the brand step back and let the content shine.

5. Native Advertising should be part of the media mix and it is not able to replace search or display advertising.

Please enjoy the video and find the answer to the following questions: "How can you make native advertising campaign really scale in distribution?"



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