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Coca Cola Content Strategy 2020: Liquid ideas!

Coca Cola Content StrategyThe following two great videos (produced by The Cognitive Media) will explain the approach of the Coca Cola Content Strategy in 10 chapters in 17 min.:


Chapter 1: How does content excellence approach liquid and linked content development?

Chapter 2: The case will change

Chapter 3: The evolution of storytelling

Chapter 4: Baking live positively into our storytelling plans

Chapter 5: From insights to provocations, the big fat fertile creative brief

Coca Cola Content Strategy 2020

Chapter 6: Developing liquid content

Chapter 7: Applying the 70/20/10 investment principles for liquid content

Chapter 8: Researching liquid content

Chapter 9: Applying the dollar multiplier to the iterative production process

Chapter 10: In summary


The Cognitive Media

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